Spiritual Community of Holy Wisdom

We are a spiritual community dedicated to the Interspiritual Mystery Tradition. We are currently in the process of developing relationships and partnerships with clergy and ministries from all traditions of good will.

The project

To create an independent spiritual community that serves as a central parent-body to other spiritual communities who are looking for partnership, fellowship, and a group of interspiritual or interreligious organizations to learn from.


Communities of all faiths and traditions coming together in partnership.


Learning from groups who have succeeded so your ministry can grow.


Help with your spiritual community without dogmatic oversight.


Endorsing authority for chaplains and easy 501(c)(3) designation.

"Theologians may quarrel, but the mystics of the world speak the same language."

Meister Eckhart

About us

The Spiritual Community of Holy Wisdom was formed by Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddist monastics, clergy, and teachers as a parent-body to which other clergy and teachers can attach their ministries in order to grow them in community with others on a similar journey.

Right Rev. Thomas Clark

Presiding Bishop of the
Apostolic Sacramental Church

Reb Ezra David

Jewish Maggid and Catholic Deacon.
Society of St. Maximilian Kolbe

Brother André Maria

Friar, Priest, and Spiritual Teacher.
Companions of Francis

Rev. Virginia Stephenson

Trans Priest and Spiritual Teacher
Spiritual Community of St. Mary Magdalene

“The goal of human life is to beautify the soul through goodness and virtue and to make it worthy of offering to God Who is the Beautiful.

Seyyed Hosssein Nasr

Our Understanding of the Divine

  • All spiritual paths and religious expressions of good will are valid and should be honored.
  • All people are children of the Source-of-all-that-is and are of value to God.
  • God loves all people completely and unconditionally.
  • The fullness of God is ineffable, incomprehensible, inconceivable, immeasurable, immutable, and everlasting.
  • God is not definable but is relatable.
  • The act of attempting to define God is a violation of the ineffability of God.
  • God is a mystery and is not able to be understood fully by the human mind.
  • The True identity of each person is oneness with God.
  • God exists beyond fear, beyond death, beyond revenge, and is True from time immemorial, True at this moment, and forever True.

Contact us

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Status of clergy who have received an endorsement from the Spiritual Community of Holy Wisdom

Active Endorsements

The Right Rev. S. Thomas Clark
The Rev. Thomas Driber
The Venerable Rev. Dylan Littlefield
The Very Rev. MJ Johnston
The Rev. André Maria
The Rev. Damaris R. Martinez
The Rev. Virginia Stephenson

Inactive Endorsements

None at this time